Rhino 7.20 (SR20)发布更新

Rhino 7.20 (SR20) 发布更新,所有 Rhino 7 的用户都会自动下载更新安装包,且会适时提示安装更新。 如果自动更新被阻止,请尝试下面的方式手动更新

  1. 请浏览这里 :point_left:,输入你的Rhino账号绑定的邮箱地址,下载更新安装包
  2. 下载离线完整安装包,下载后解压缩至一个单独文档,然后双击运行 Bootstrapper.exe 即可

链接: 百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: cc1j

在 Rhino 7.20 中修复了以下的错误

  • DimArea: Reported a negative value in a specific case (RH-68956)
  • ExtractSubCrv: Reported too many messages in command-line history (RH-68919)
  • Gumball: Extrude handles did not show for sub-objects until Reflect was updated or removed (RH-68603)
  • GumballAlignment: Default did not update (RH-68735)
  • Lights: Dragging intensity spinner and releasing left mouse button on color box incorrectly popped up select color dialog (RH-68625)
  • Match: Curvature continuity changed wrong end of curve (RH-68826 )
  • NamedSelections: Adding selection sets did not trigger saving file prompt if no other changes were made in the model (RH-68727)
  • Picture: Displayed the old bitmap even after deleted (RH-68637)
  • Rendering: Cycles Viewport: Skylight did not properly turn off (RH-69072 )
  • Scale1D: Scaling block insertion points incorrectly scaled block geometries (RH-64983)
  • Surface-surface intersection: Overlapping detection was much slower in V7 (RH-68720 )
  • ToNURBS: Failed when SubD faces exceeded 30k (RH-62025 )
  • Undo: Only one Undo was possible if Max undo memory was set to 4096 MB (RH-47940)


  • Layout: Right-clicking a field in the Layouts panel caused a crash (RH-68840)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Intersections.CurveLine sometimes returned null (RH-69329)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Added IRhRdkContents::SelectContent() (RH-68627)
    • Exposed ON_Geometry::DataCRC (RH-68961)
    • Exposed CRhinoEventWatcher::OnUnitsChangedWithScaling (RH-68860)


  • RPC: Plug-in is removed from Rhino installer (available for download from Package Manager) (RH-69251 )

仅 Rhino Mac 版本的调整内容


  • Block: Editing block definition properties did not flag file being modified (RH-68825)
  • Grasshopper: Status bar was missing (RH-68957 )
  • Layer: Could not turn off multiple selected layers at once in Layout and Detail (RH-58612)

仅 Rhino Windows 版的调整内容


  • Annotation: Styles: Editing suffix of length units locked up (RH-68617 )
  • LoadPlugin: Some plug-ins failed to initialize after installing the latest SRC (RH-69016 )