Rhino 7.21 (SR21) 发布更新

Rhino 7.21 (SR21) 发布更新,所有 Rhino 7 的用户都会自动下载更新安装包,且会适时提示安装更新。 如果自动更新被阻止,请尝试下面的方式手动更新

  1. 请浏览这里 :point_left:,输入你的Rhino账号绑定的邮箱地址,下载更新安装包;
  2. 下载离线完整安装包,下载后解压缩至一个单独文档,然后双击运行 Bootstrapper.exe 即可链接:

百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: bv2h

在 Rhino7.21 中修正了下面的一些错误;

  • File IO: Identical materials with different names in OBJ were imported as one material (RH-62963)
  • Match: Selection highlight glitch (RH-69296)
  • Project: SubD was duplicated when all selected vertices missing the target object (RH-69098)
  • RefitTrim: New edge did not fit precisely to the edge trimmed by an isocurve (RH-69009)
  • Rendering: Post Effect: Glow control broken when adding new colors (RH-68298)
  • Rendering: Textures: Hiding objects deleted baked textures (RH-69272)
  • SetPt: Dialog missing title (RH-69244)
  • ViewCaptureToFile: Produced images with lighter colors than being seen in viewport (RH-67649)


  • LayerStateManager: Restored layer state can be undone (RH-69031)


  • DupBorder: Did not duplicate linear edges as degree 1 line segments (RH-68994)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon: Added TextObject.GetTextCorners method (RH-69094 )

仅 Rhino Mac 中调整的内容;


  • Rendering: Problems with size and ESC button in Render window on Mac (RH-69239)

仅 Rhino Windows 中调整的内容;

Bugs Fixed:

  • AttachGHSData: Components had duplicate names (RH-56670)