Rhino 8.4 (SR4) 发布更新

:rhinoceros: Rhino 8.4 (SR4)

Rhino 8.4 (SR4 发布更新,所有 Rhino 8 的用户都会自动下载更新安装包,且会适时提示安装更新。 如果自动更新被阻止,请尝试下面的方式手动更新

  1. 请浏览这里 :point_left:,输入你的Rhino账号绑定的邮箱地址,下载更新安装包;
  2. 下载离线完整安装包,下载后解压缩至一个单独文档,然后双击运行 Bootstrapper.exe 即可;
  3. Rhino Mac 下载后直接运行安装程序即可;

链接: 百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: zrc9
:green_apple: 链接: 百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: ewym

:wrench: 错误修复

  • Print: PDF Paper Size is blank after switching printer (RH-80138)
  • IRhinoUiHolder doesn’t work for VRay (RH-79667)
  • Annotation: Dot: Dialog opens with squished text editing box (RH-79432)
  • Annotation: Text: Double-click to edit not working properly (RH-79297)
  • BlockManager:
    • Block typing to command-line (RH-78045)
    • Setting multiple block instances values that show “Varies” doesn’t work properly (RH-74513)
    • Pink highlight inconsistent with selection (RH-78202)
  • ChangeLayer: OK button is in focus instead of the layer name input box (RH-79359)
  • Crease: Added Crease command back into SubD Tools toolbar (RH-79519)
  • Display: Print width is not turned off (RH-79770 )
  • DocumentProperties:
    • Scriptable command missing text in a prompt (RH-79526)
    • Annotations style rename warning jumps the gun (RH-79268)
  • Drag and Drop: Dropping a .png file causes Rhino to hang (RH-78280)
  • DupEdge: On SubD, Output Layer is Inverse (RH-79317)
  • Export: “Export with Origin” Not Using Origin (RH-79112)
  • ExtendSrf:
    • Resulting extension is shorter than preview (RH-70311 )
    • Typed distance is ignored (RH-80360 )
    • Always extending smooth (RH-80362)
  • ExtractMeshFaces: Changes texture mapping on extracted mesh faces (RH-78887)
  • File IO:
    • Rhino hangs reading DWG file (RH-79421 )
    • glTF format roundtrip back to Rhino with material errors (RH-75864)
    • Export PDF missing custom paper size controls (RH-79161)
  • Fill: Edge selection does not clear after fill command is run (RH-77554)
  • FilletSrf: Scriptable command always fails (RH-79157)
  • Grasshopper:
    • Custom preview ignores render checkbox (RH-76903)
    • Make 2D Rhino 6 Clipping Plane issue (RH-58607)
  • Grasshopper: Components: Exploding text of single line font returns wrong geometry (RH-78936)
  • Gumball:
    • Polyline as cutter creates kinked surfaces (RH-79533)
    • Arrows draw too small at high DPI scaling (RH-79088)
    • Slight delay (RH-79195)
  • History: Deactivating detail makes dimensions jump (RH-78926)
  • Import: Error importing SVG (that opens fine in Chrome and Illustrator) (RH-79299 )
  • Layer:
    • Layers with same name can be dropped under a layer as child layers of same level (RH-79755)
    • Layers panel visible slows down OSnap checkboxes (RH-79587)
    • Missing context menu on the layer list popped up from status bar (RH-78751)
  • Layout: Object snapping fails in layout (RH-79912)
  • Localization: Rotation has a comma instead of a point (RH-79276)
  • OSnap: One shots disabled if persistent OSnaps are disabled (RH-79867)
  • OpenNURBS: Remove deprecation tags from ON_Extrusion::SetMesh, etc. (RH-79060)
  • Options: Options dialog glitch (RH-79684 )
  • PointsOn: Curve control points stay on after an edit in v8 (RH-78393)
  • Print:
    • Displayed scale controls aren’t correct when printing to image file (RH-80036 )
    • Technical view intersection lines do not honor layer print color (RH-28051)
    • In Model scale and On Paper scale controls unresponsive (RH-80003)
    • Scale / Extents combination is not working correctly (RH-79728)
    • Print width of hairline does not print (RH-78455)
    • Vector PDF output from Technical view draws geometry occluded by other objects (RH-79808)
    • Missing single pixel hatch (RH-79860)
    • Some objects in layouts are not printing in technical vector output (RH-79070)
    • Vector PDF draws unexpected intersection (RH-79539)
    • Fake2d Not Invoked When Printing Layouts (RH-79629 )
    • Details in Technical draw heavier silhouettes (RH-79527)
    • Vector print of extrusion objects shows artifacts (RH-79328)
    • Vector PDF draws intersections on hidden layer (RH-79517)
    • Vector PDF overrides black and white setting for curves (RH-79536)
    • when printing raster it is not possible to set the correct size (RH-78765)
    • Vector PDF draws hidden linetype curves as continuous (RH-79523)
    • Technical mode with HLR does not clip curves (RH-79091)
    • Vector output exports curves to PDF as polylines (RH-79113)
    • Print dialog ignores Extents on layouts (RH-79101 )
  • Properties: Editing text makes it not selectable (RH-73252)
  • RDK:
    • Integrated Intel Denoiser into Rhino as “Denoise” post effect (RH-78807)
    • Childslot texture amount does not update in the UI (RH-79044)
  • Rendering: Bella Render calls to non-functional ChangeQueue properties (RH-79136)
  • Rendering: Materials:
    • Objects selected from Materials panel doesn’t show Gumball (RH-78969)
    • IOR dropdown doesn’t show when material editing via layer panel (RH-79062)
  • Rendering: Post Effect:
  • Rendering: Textures:
    • Child slot not displayed (RH-79719)
    • Incorrect mapping for textures with same name (RH-77168)
    • “Group similar textures” checkbox affects copied materials (RH-78891)
  • Rhino Installer Engine: Rhino 8 RHP in RHI not compatible (RH-78866 )
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Exposed ExtractLinetypeSegments (RH-79448)
    • Added lighting schema to display attributes (RH-79223)
    • Cannot add a group to File3dm.AllGroups table (RH-56334)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • ghdoc is not set for external scripts (RH-80140)
    • PIP sometimes gets stuck when installing package (RH-80090)
    • RhinoApp.Runscript not working in C# script from toolbar (RH-79530)
    • Unset outputs will use the persistent value from previous runs (RH-79615)
    • Python error line is wrong in GH when importing gmsh (RH-79662)
    • Error in Python 3 exception parser (RH-79830)
    • Add search paths ui to new editor for Python engines (RH-79027)
    • Published scripts as components do not carry their persistent data (RH-79336)
  • Section Tools:
    • Added ShowHatch and ShowSolid options to ClippingDrawings and EditClippingDrawings commands (RH-79367)
    • Clipping drawing not showing hatch for blocks (RH-79006)
    • ClippingDrawings: Section Style of block instances (RH-77426)
  • SelectionFilter: Disable state not persist between sessions (RH-79389)
  • Shrinkwrap: ShrinkWrap: Command history missing average edge length and face count (RH-78817)
  • SmartTrack: Issue about tracking of parallels (RH-79058)
  • SrfSeam: Direction set by typing is not remembered of next run (RH-78822)
  • SubDSphere:
  • Toolbar:
    • Docked Side, with Flyout has no icons (RH-79246)
    • Copy toolbar/buttons/macros between libraries instead of linking them (RH-78798)
    • Copied toolbar buttons are ‘cleared’ when copied from a linked toolbar (RH-78592)
    • Layout macros missing (RH-79591)
    • Copy toolbar button glitch (RH-79452)
    • Wrong icon for ReduceMesh (RH-79325)
    • Editing button image in linked RUI causes an empty button (RH-78900)
    • Change OSnap “toolbar” to “panel” in button tooltips (RH-79333)
    • Icons not precise (RH-78570)
  • Trim: Unexpected behavior (RH-80000)
  • UI Appearance: Modified linked toolbars from Rhino 7 should be saved under a new name (RH-78594)
  • UVEditor: Unwrap of a Rhino 7 custom unwrapped mesh is bad (RH-79784)
  • VariableFilletSrf: : Ugly preview (RH-79549)
  • WindowLayout: Need to fill in the name field on export (RH-69707)

:construction: 宕机修复

  • ExportOptions: Rhino closes suddenly Rhino 8.4 RC4 (RH-79616)
  • Menu: Adding menu item crashes Rhino (RH-79874)
  • Rendering: Decals: Crash when positioning a decal (RH-79164)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Python 3 marshaller crashes on self referencing objects (RH-80142)
    • Crash when saving a project (RH-79879)
    • Crashes Rhino8 when C# script is changed from VisualStudio (RH-79763)
    • importing ghpythonlib module crashes Rhino (RH-79982)
  • Toolbar: Crash when opening toolbar properties (RH-79717 )

:rocket: 增强内容

  • Annotation: Hatch: Added a +/- button to column header of Import Hatch Pattern dialog to check or uncheck all hatch patterns (RH-52796)
  • Extend: Added Join=Yes/No/Merge to Extend and ExtendDynamic commands (RH-5921)
  • ExtractLineTypeSegments: Extracts linear segments as lines (RH-79459)
  • File IO: SaveACopy command now saves 3dm files of different versions (RH-79387)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • Extract script input parameters as their hinted type? (RH-79032)
    • Add File Path hint to script parameters so relative paths can automatically resolve to absolute based on GH definition location (RH-79186)
    • Create Editor options window like existing (RH-73245 )
  • Section Tools:
    • Added AddHidden and AddSilhouette options to ClippingDrawings and EditClippingDrawing commands when AddBaground=Yes (RH-79269 )
    • Added LabelStyle=Dot/Text option to ClippingDrawings and EditClippingDrawings commands (RH-78954)

:closed_lock_with_key: 重现错误修复

  • Annotation: DimLinear: Inch Fractional Dimensions missing a space (RH-80143)
  • Annotation: Text: Stays Highlighted After Editing (RH-79442)
  • Export: “Solid As Mesh” Creates Empty DWG File (RH-79110)
  • ExtendSrf: : Surface moves (RH-78626)
  • ExtractSubCrv: Stops at polylines (RH-79445)
  • Grasshopper: Extruding surface issue (RH-79428)
  • Gumball: Small delay that causes a behavior slightly different than Rhino 7 (RH-79124)
  • Layer: Typing initial letter of layer names does not highlight layer (RH-79200)
  • Offset: Fails in V8 (RH-79398)
  • Print:
    • Fitting Print to Paper Not Expected (RH-79932)
    • Hidden edges not drawn in vector PDF (RH-79735)
    • Visible edges not drawn in vector PDF (RH-79734)
  • ScriptEditor:
    • dotnet Dictionaries sometimes fail to convert to python (RH-80321)
    • Script Editor does not clear prompt after running script (RH-80271)
    • Command history is not clear with Script: Run or :Edit commands (RH-80272)
    • Legacy Python component has multiline standard output (RH-79618)
    • Add Rhino appdata scripts paths to sys.path (RH-79864)

:hammer: SDK(开发工具)增强

  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Exposed additional display modes (RH-74943 )
    • Added a new RevSurface.IsTransposed property (RH-79529)
    • Added options to SerializationOptions to exclude meshes (RH-78409)
    • Added ThicknessUsage properties to DisplayPipelineAttributes (RH-77652)
    • Added DrawLight method for Display Pipeline (RH-79364)

:art: UI调整

  • Gumball: Changed numeric input relocate behaviors for arrow, arc, and scale handles (RH-79437 )
  • Menu: Changed menu items of Crease and SubDCrease commands (RH-79521)
  • Toolbar: Allows Delete button to delete empty toolbars (RH-79369)

:green_apple: 仅 Mac 相关内容


  • Context Menu: Viewport Context Menu: Set Camera: Labels are wrong (RH-79169)
  • DocumentProperties: Units change before closing causes repeated dialogs to pop up (RH-80346)
  • HeightField: Incorrect with surface output (RH-79293)
  • OSnap: Panel doesn’t sync during GetPoint operations on MacOS (RH-79825)
  • Print:
  • Rendering: ResetMessageBoxes does not bring back the “Would you like to save the image?” dialog box (RH-78937)
  • WindowLayout: WIndowLayout: Sidebar is not restored on Mac (RH-74074)


  • Shrinkwrap: ShrinkWrap: Crashes on Mac (RH-79135)


  • Print: MAC: Trimmed Picture Causing Incomplete Vector Print On Layout (RH-79865)

UI 调整

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Added Cmd+Ctrl+ to the list (RH-77588 )
  • Settings: Made right mouse button repeat command and show context menu like Windows version (RH-78395)

❖ 仅 Windows 版相关内容


  • DocumentProperties: Left column top alignment (RH-79518)
  • Export: “Solid As Mesh” to DWG: File Written with Errors (RH-79238)
  • Layer: Move Up and Move Down buttons may not order layers correctly (RH-79219)
  • Selection: Settings on context menu of Selection menu don’t change (RH-79188)
  • WindowLayout: Fails to restore after Fullscreen (RH-73631)