Rhino7.18(SR18) 发布更新

Rhino 7 最新的修正版 Rhino7.18(SR18) 正式发布更新,请所有购买过Rhino7的用户更新至这个版本,我们在这个修正版中修复了一些我们与用户所发现的错误、增加了一些改进性内容,相关内容如下:


  • Color Picker: Central area intermittently was not what was actually used (RH-67326)
  • Curvature: Failed to mark max curvature on shallow curves (RH-68172)
  • Display:
    • Shadow showed through model in Rendered mode (RH-68522)
    • Empty dots slowed down performance (RH-68135)
  • File IO: FBX Export failed to set filetype properly unless it was the last argument in the list of options (RH-67758)
  • Geometry Core: ON_BezierSurface Loft made garbage (RH-67950)
  • Gumball: Did not work with viewport camera grips (RH-67784)
  • Help: InfinitePlane topic is tuned up (RH-68378)
  • NamedView: Selecting a named view and did nothing else caused the document to be modified (RH-67642)
  • PointDeviation: Hair scale did not change (RH-68001)
  • RDK:
    • Materials panel showed different material count than RenderMaterials table (RH-67902)
    • RenderContent.FromXml(str, RhinoDoc) incorrect behavior (RH-67920)
  • Rendering: Safe Frame Action Area lock changed the wrong value (RH-67695)
  • Rendering: Materials: PBR emission multiplier over 1 displayed black in Rendered mode (RH-67915)
  • SDK:
    • RhinoUpdateObjectGroups did not copy existing group user data (RH-67887)
    • mesh.Smooth() was mistakenly affected by Smooth command settings (RH-67886)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Mesh.CreateFromCurveExtrusion flawed (RH-68211)
    • GetPolyline.SetStartPoint did not work (RH-68082)
  • SketchOnSrf: Left the base surface highlighted (RH-68007)
  • SubD: RadiateFind: Only worked on faces near the middle (RH-67849)
  • Trim: Failed when using Line option with ExtendCuttingLines=Yes (RH-67974 )
  • Unlock: SubD edges could not be selected if they were ever locked (RH-68437)
  • UserText: Value could not be changed on the filtered list (RH-68246)


  • Unlock: Crashed with SubD objects that have points on and subobjects locked (RH-68408)


  • SDK: RhinoCommon: ReplayHistoryResult.UpdateToSubD() missing (RH-68005)


  • Area: Failed on rectangles (RH-68376)
  • SquishInfo: Pattern can be recognized but the result was an empty text window (RH-66215)

SDK 增强内容:

  • SDK: RhinoCommon:
    • Exposed ON_Brep::GetConnectedComponents (RH-68189)
    • Added a new Mesh.CreateFromSurfaceControlNet static function which calls ON_ControlPolygonMesh (RH-67893)
    • RhinoLayout.DisablePanelColorStyling() is made pubic (RH-67885)

仅Mac 版本相关内容


  • Annotation: Text: Graphik font on Mac missing typefaces (RH-68433)
  • BlendSrf: Did not accept values below 0.25 (RH-67489)
  • Grasshopper: Current definition was closed without warning (RH-68093)
  • Rendering: Materials: Selection problems (RH-67997)
  • Rendering: Post Effect: Curves Post Effect resulted in black render at higher resolutions (RH-67880)
  • StatusBar: Layer pane did not always display layer of selected object (RH-67836)


  • Audit: Audit3dmFile to clipboard and file did not work (RH-67901)



  • Groundplane: GroundPlane: Settings in French did not display properly with 4K screen (RH-67803)
  • Installer: Rhino 7 type library named after Rhino 6 (RH-67373)
  • Rendering: Post Effect: Curves Post Effect resulted in black render at higher resolutions (RH-67999)

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