Rhino7.28 (SR28) 发布更新

Rhino 7.28 (SR28) 发布更新,所有 Rhino 7 的用户都会自动下载更新安装包,且会适时提示安装更新。 如果自动更新被阻止,请尝试下面的方式手动更新

  1. 请浏览这里 :point_left:,输入你的Rhino账号绑定的邮箱地址,下载更新安装包;
  2. 下载离线完整安装包,下载后解压缩至一个单独文档,然后双击运行 Bootstrapper.exe 即可链接:
  3. Rhino Mac 下载后直接运行安装程序即可;

链接: 百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: injm
:green_apple: 链接: 百度网盘 请输入提取码 提取码: y95n

:hammer_and_wrench: 错误修复

  • Angle: Incorrect with some edges (RH-73003 )
  • File IO:
    • Leader exported to DWG pointed to a wrong place (RH-72074)
    • Updated Datakit libs to 2023.1 that supports reading SolidWorks 2023 files (RH-70604 )
  • GumballAlignment: Axes directions of Gumball (align to object), UVN, MoveUVN were incorrect for control points on SubD-friendly curves (RH-72629)
  • Help: BooleanIntersection needs to be added to the list on History’s Help page. (RH-72462)
  • Licensing and Validation: License manager dialog hidden behind all other open windows (RH-71806 )
  • RDK: “Properties: Materials” panel did not show options (RH-72737)
  • Rendering: Materials: Layers in Choose Layers dialog did not list in alphabetical order (RH-72595)
  • Revolve: History shifted the axis (RH-65682)
  • SDK: RhinoCommon: rs.ObjectColor() always returned A (transparency) value as 255 (RH-72572)
  • Sun: Daylight saving in Eto dialog did not work properly (RH-73045)
  • UDT: Flowed object and naked edges (RH-42841)

仅Win 版本的错误修复

  • Notes: Text in Notes panel was all selected when Rhino window regaining focus (RH-65292)